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I imagine you, like me and most Americans, are fed up with the broken promises and inaction we are getting from Washington D.C.

I'm running for Congress in Arizona's 1st District to take our country back and get America working again! That includes getting our financial house in order, not borrowing from future generations. It's limited government and a strong economy producing jobs and opportunity. It's secure borders and the strongest military in the world. It's keeping our promises to veterans and seniors. And it's so much more that we're not getting from our current failed leadership!

Things aren't going to change in Washington unless we elect people to Congress that have proven records of getting things done. As a businessman, I have had to budget accordingly so our family business could grow and we could make payroll to pay our employees. And as a public servant, I have balanced billions in state budgets, cut taxes and put a billion dollars in the states Rainy Day fund. I want to get things done for you in Washington as your Congressman. We need leaders that are in public service for the service, not the publicity. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to earn your support.